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‘You have heard … but I tell you’ [Matthew 5:21,22 (NIV)]

July 21

‘You have heard … but I tell you’. If enough people go along with what is said, or done, sooner or later it will become acceptable. Whether something is right or wrong is not what matters. Acceptability is what counts as far as the world is concerned. In this discourse, Jesus points out in no uncertain terms that God’s way of seeing things is very different from how we might like to see things. How easy it can be to hear what we want to hear or what suits our situation best. But Jesus teaches that the inside of a person matters more than the outside. What He says goes much deeper than the superficial appearance the world is looking for. At the end of the day, it is whether you want to go along with what is acceptable by the world or what is right with Jesus. The wise person will choose the latter, however hard it might be.


July 21
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