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Break & Meditate: Today's Reading
Date: 04-02-2023

'So the wall was completed' [Nehemiah 6:15(NIV)]

'So the wall was completed'. Nehemiah must have wondered if he would succeed when he first approached the king for permission to leave. Permission to go, safety in journey, skill in building, wisdom and resolve in dealing with subtle enemies and perseverance to see it through made for completion. We may not be rebuilding the broken walls of a city but these are qualities we need. God who put us here challenges us to fulfil His purpose. We need to seek God's will and then pursue it. With the bricks and mortar of hours and days, talent and determination we can complete that section of the wall that has fallen to us. He who calls will enable all who draw upon His strength. It is only by shouldering the burden today we will have a completion date tomorrow.

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