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Date: 22-09-2020

'it is good to wait quietly' [Lamentations 3:26(NIV)]

'it is good to wait quietly': Though the Lord's blessing may seem to be delayed, it will surely come. Making a commotion will serve no purpose. Faith is like a seed: you sow in faith believing the word of the Lord. Then there is a period of waiting. God gives the increase: we wait upon Him for full fruition. To wait patiently is usually to wait quietly and it can be a good testimony to the peace that Jesus gives. You may recall that the Apostle Paul was at peace when the sailors were panic stricken on his voyage to Rome and this was because his faith was in God's promise to him that no lives would be lost. Have faith in God. Leave the method and mechanics to Him. Let others rush around. If you know the Lord, be still before Him.Listen

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