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Break & Meditate: Today's Reading
Date: 15-08-2022

'stand still, and see' [Exodus 14:13]

'stand still, and see'. Is it because you are always running around that you do not see what God is doing? Are your ears so filled with the many voices around you that you do not hear the voice of the Lord? Walk on a journey and you're likely to see more than those who ride: similarly, stand still and see God at work. It's God's blessing, not man's that you need. Look to the heavens and see God's handiwork. Look down the microscope and see the minute wonders of creation. Then stand still a moment: take stock, get a real feeling of how things really are and look away to Calvary where God's salvation was made. Stand in awe, stand in repentance, stand and receive what God has for you today. See and experience the salvation of the Lord.

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