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Date: 06-05-2021

'those ... who proclaim peace' [Isaiah 52:7(NIV)]

'those ... who proclaim peace'. What use proclaiming peace when war is raging? Conflict between men and nations is as intense as it has ever been. Men say they want peace so fight to get it! It is the heart of man that is at war with God. Only when that conflict is resolved can there be lasting peace. Those who proclaim the gospel tell of peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. He died for us that by His death He might make a way for man to receive forgiveness and return to God the Father. Those who receive His word receive deep and lasting peace. It is the Devil who brings strife: Jesus brings peace. War may rage around you, but peace pervades within when Jesus is Lord. It is a peace that passes comprehension. Blessed are all who proclaim it and all who receive it.Listen
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