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Date: 18-09-2019

'comfort and joy instead of sorrow' [Jeremiah 31:13(NIV)]

All who know God's grace in their lives can recognize God's blessing to His People in this ancient prophecy of Jeremiah.
He who scattered Israel will gather them. He will watch over his flock like a shepherd. He will ransom and redeem from those who oppress. The Lord will cause His People to shout for joy. They will rejoice in the bounty of the Lord. They will be like a well-watered garden. Mourning will be turned to gladness.
With promises like these, those called to experience deep sorrow know the Lord will comfort them. Events that cause sorrow have a purpose in life: they do something for us, though we would all choose to be without them.
When the Lord comforts us, it brings us great joy. Sorrow He asks us to bear passes; His comfort and joy are everlasting.

BAM Break & Meditate – Authors: Maurice Paine [AP=Andy Paine]

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