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Date: 03-12-2020

'And this I do for the gospel's sake' [I Corinthians 9:23]

'And this I do for the gospel's sake': The proclamation of the gospel was the mainspring in the life of the Apostle Paul. He took every opportunity he could to make it known and varied his approach so as to be able to get alongside all and sundry and tell them its 'good news'. We can do no better than to emulate him. So to the Jew he spoke as a Jew; to those outside the law he spoke as being outside it himself. To the weak he became weak. He was made all things to all men. And he did this that he might see some turn to the Lord. He knew that the more seed sown, the more was likely to come up. To what extent shall we be putting ourselves out today to reach others with the gospel? Is the gospel so vital to us that we will do anything for the sake of its furtherance?Listen

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