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Date: 26-03-2019

'after that he will let you go' [Exodus 3:20]

The Israelites' suffering was to increase - the manner and tale of their brick making was to become almost unbearable. Their cry under the burden was to become intense and bitter. Moses had to stand his ground against both Egyptians and Israelites. All were going to witness, and the Egyptians experience plagues the like of which had never been seen before. Only after all that would there come a mighty deliverance when Pharaoh would let them go out towards the Promised Land.
The follower of Jesus must learn the perfection of suffering, find the strength of the Lord in His weakness, and help his brother in great need: after that his salvation will be complete. 'After that' signifies there is an end to present distress.

BAM Break & Meditate – Authors: Maurice Paine [AP=Andy Paine]

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