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Break & Meditate: Today's Reading
Date: 22-02-2019

'I have much more to tell you' [John 16:12(GNB)]

Walk for a life-time with the Lord and you will find there is much, much more He has to show you. The new birth may take place in an instant but the new life knows no end. Every day should take us into new experiences of trust and hope in the Lord. The glory of Christ needs an eternity to grasp.
A nominal Christian life may stagnate and become monotonous if confined to a creed. Those who would walk with the Lord will need to benefit from the blessedness of His voice. The events of today point to a new and more blessed chapter beginning tomorrow.
Any earthly course must come to an end and the learning of a tutor be exhausted. But with Christ there will always be more to tell. And what He has to tell you will be a source of peace, blessing, hope and strength.



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