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Date: 07-04-2020

'with the woman still standing there' [John 8:9(NIV)]

'with the woman still standing there'. Strange that when everyone else had moved away, this lady stood still. Her sinful act had been made very public as had the hypocrisy and sin of her accusers. But as they sheepishly moved away, she remained. Why? Jesus doesn't want to embarrass us or make a spectacle of us. He simply wants us to receive from Him. The lady accepted that she had sinned, but instead of being stoned, she needed forgiveness. Instead of condemnation, she needed freedom and Jesus was the only one who could give her these things. There's no better place to be made right than standing before Jesus. Shame can be lifted, hurts can be healed and freedom can be given. Whatever your need, come and stand before Jesus today and be freed to live for Him.


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