“give me understanding” [Psalm 119:73]

"give me understanding". The Psalmist acknowledged that it was the Lord who made and fashioned him. His plea therefore is for the Maker's instructions to be made known to him. The specific understanding he requested was enlightenment regarding the Lord's commandments. He wanted his life to be lived in accordance with these. Only in this ... Read more

“He has done all things well” [Mark 7:37]

"He has done all things well". Such is the testimony of those who move closest to the Lord Jesus. They had seen the Canaanite woman go home and find her daughter healed and they listened as the former deaf mute spoke plainly. The measure of your acclaim for Christ is directly related to the way ... Read more

“you too will appear with him” [Colossians 3:4(GNB)]

"you too will appear with him". Because Christ has not appeared the Christian can be described as living by faith. His faith is in Christ; Christ is his hope. In another place Paul says that if Christ be not raised from the dead our hope is in vain. When Jesus returns again every eye will ... Read more

“the mystery of God should be finished” [Revelation 10:7]

"the mystery of God should be finished". This life is full of mysteries - many are found in man's search for his Maker. The Holy Spirit leads souls into all truth by revealing the mysteries found in God's Word. There is the mystery of God's will, the mystery revealed through the apostles and prophets, the ... Read more

“We can” [Mark 10:39]

"We can". 'We can' is a card that gets you anywhere. It knows no closed doors or separating barriers. The two words can be trotted out without thought to silence those who would prefer to first give more thought to the matter. They are the words of the mavericks, the self-opinionated, the lawless and blinkered ... Read more

“the woman made haste, and ran” [Judges 13:10]

"the woman made haste, and ran". Manoah's wife is among those who, when the Lord appeared or called, made haste. She ran to tell her husband because the news was so exciting and dramatic - she was to have a son who was to deliver Israel out of the hands of the Philistines. Zacchaeus made ... Read more

“Shake yourself from the dust” [Isaiah 52:2(RAV)]

"Shake yourself from the dust". Timely words spoken to the inhabitants of Zion in preparation for their Messiah and timely words also to us who live in this evil generation. The dust of evil and deceit attaches to the finest of clothes: dust settles anywhere and, given time, whole civilisations are buried beneath it. The ... Read more