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BAM produces a variety of Bible Study materials: short daily readings (Break & Meditate) and study booklets. These are sent ‘free of charge’ to those who ask to be added to our mailing list either by post or by email.

The Break & Meditate daily readings are also available on this site. Today’s Break & Meditate.

Some of these have been compiled into books providing an overview of a particular subject or Bible passage. This material is now being made available more widely on the internet. Some BAM publications have been translated for use in Romania and Hungary.

Most of the publications of the BAM Gospel Trust can be read on the Library pages.  Where these have been broadcast on the radio there is a option to listen to that audio version.  Some publications are also available to purchase through the BOOKSHOP
The last 6 broadcasts can be heard from the Listen Again option. Besides weekly broadcasts an inceasing number of the Bible study articles are available to listen to on this website. 
Mission Support
It is presently supporting outreach mission workers in several continents including Africa, Asia & Europe.  See LINKS

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