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Break & Meditate: Today's Reading
Date: 05-07-2020

'the earth is my footstool' [Isaiah 66:1]

'the earth is my footstool'. This phrase reminds us how great God is and how small we really are. In his arrogance man looks about him and feels lord of all he surveys. He easily forgets that his every breath is a gift from the creator. He gets so absorbed in what he is doing that you might think he was here for ever. Because God is not to be seen with the naked eye, man fills his vision with his own importance. God reminds us that the nations are to Him as a drop in a bucket: if the earth is His footstool, how great must be His throne! All who recognise that Jesus is the Only Son of God are made to marvel at the great salvation wrought on our behalf when He stooped down to His footstool and now comes alongside you in your work today.Listen

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