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Break & Meditate: Today's Reading
Date: 24-01-2021

'What mean these stones?' [Joshua 4:21]

'What mean these stones?': Children growing up in the Promised Land would see this pillar of twelve stones erected at Gilgal near the place where the Israelites crossed Jordan. When they asked about them they would be told of the great deliverance God wrought and the allegiance and worship that was His due. The steps of history are dotted with memorials and epitaphs indicating what God has done in time past. Men and women have built mission hospitals, established orphanages and rescue homes, set up care centres for refugees and the needy as an expression of their Christian faith. The greatest sign of all is one that has never been allowed to be forgotten. It is the cross of Calvary. What does the Cross signify? Are we teaching others the meaning of this great event?Listen

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