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Break & Meditate: Today's Reading
Date: 22-03-2023

'the Lord shall deliver me from every evil work' [II Timothy 4:18]

'the Lord shall deliver me from every evil work'. When I was a young Christian I thought that once I got going things would be easier. I thought that once on the move, it would be relatively easy to keep going. I pictured my beginnings in the Christian life like extricating oneself from the thick undergrowth of a wood - once I was out of it and in open ground there would be no problem. How mistaken I was! Every step of the Christian's pathway is fraught with temptation and pitfall. One is never free from the danger of attack from the enemy. But the Lord is able to deliver, and He will deliver those who trust Him from every evil work. The wiles of the Devil need never frighten the soul trusting in Christ.

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