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Break & Meditate: Today's Reading
Date: 08-12-2022

'what kind of people ought you to be? ' [II Peter 3:11(NIV)]

'what kind of people ought you to be? '. You probably know what you ought to be. The question is how far do you fall short. The answer is related to your motivation. Are you reading God's Word and do you believe it? Note what Peter says in this chapter: The day of the Lord will come - at an hour unknown to us like a thief comes without warning. This old world will be destroyed by fire - things will not go on for ever in the way we are accustomed. Lovers of Jesus should be looking for and anticipating His return. A proper appreciation of these things makes for the motivation to live a godly Christ-centred life, spotless and ready to meet the Lord. Let the world know what kind of person you are!

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