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Break & Meditate: Today's Reading
Date: 28-09-2022

'set it upon a pole' [Numbers 21:8]

'set it upon a pole'. That pole held the brazen serpent that Moses was told to make so that any Israelite bitten and dying of snake-bite could look and live. The serpent of brass is a picture of Jesus: we need to look to Him if we would be saved from sin. The thing we must note is that Moses was told to put on a pole this replica of the snakes that were biting the people. Not in his pocket or in the church or a museum. Not even a table or lectern, but lift it up on a pole. And Jesus is to be lifted up as Saviour of all who will believe. Not hope they will find out or discover the truth when looking for something else. We who claim to be His disciples must lift Jesus high in our lives and in our speech every day.

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