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Break & Meditate: Today's Reading
Date: 29-01-2022

'Indeed, now I know' [II Kings 5:15(RAV)]

'Indeed, now I know'. Naaman knew there was no God except Jehovah because he had experienced His healing touch. It was the deed that made him say 'Indeed'! Mere head knowledge is not to be compared with meeting the Lord in life's journey and coming to know Him. You may accept God into your thinking but He needs to come into your living to make you a true disciple. Your need in a spiritual sense is as deep as Naaman's was physically. Naaman thought that dipping in Jordan was a humiliating exercise and went off in a rage. But a servant pointed out that Naaman should not be put off because it was simple. Whether it worked was the important thing. Christian discipleship is about knowing and serving the Lord.

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