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Break & Meditate: Today's Reading
Date: 19-10-2020

'and Miriam died there' [Numbers 20:1]

'and Miriam died there': An unusual epitaph for a colourful lady. Her death marked the end of an era - as Moses' elder sister and the one who played an important part when he was hidden in the bulrushes. It was a significant place to die - as the people entered the desert of Zin. Her death sparked off a revolt among the Children of Israel because there was no water in the desert. This was patterned on her own unpredictable behaviour when she criticised Moses for the wife he had taken. Every life is of value in the purpose of God. Miriam's behaviour varied from the caring elder sister to the criticising of God's chosen leader when she contracted leprosy. The Lord who gives life, also takes it and does not do so until its purpose is complete and then it leaves a vacancy that cannot be exactly filled.Listen

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