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Graduation Day for the Mercy Mission Bible college took place on 1st March 2014. Pastor Paul Campion from Shirley Baptist Church was the speaker when a total of fourteen students received their certificates.

BAM supports the work of this college in Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradish and sponsors the one year training course in evangelism. This course is now conducted in the English language encouraging students from other parts of India to enrol, and students have the option of continuing at the college for the three year post graduate course. More details and photograph next time.

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The latest series of BAM Bible booklets is entitled “Questions Jesus was Asked” and the first question was made by an unnamed questioner who asked “Lord, Are there Few That be saved? Other booklets in the series will include “To Whom Shall We Go?”, the question Peter put to Jesus and “Will You at This Time Restore the Kingdome to Israel?”, a question uppermost in the disciples’ minds when life began again for them after the events at Calvary and the Resurrection.(More)
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