Hope of Heaven (HofH) [Book]

by: Maurice Paine
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Why this book was written….

Some years ago a young man, the father of two children and living in Birmingham, England became terminally ill with throat cancer. As the members of his church focused their thoughts upon the fact that he would soon be taken from them, Maurice Paine felt led to begin a series of talks on some of the wonders of heaven as revealed to us in the Scriptures. These form the basis of the chapters in this book. Later he wrote the last chapter, “Heaven and How to Get There.”
You may possess little or nothing in this world yet have a real vision of heaven. Indeed, it is likely that the less you have, the more clear is your vision and you will be keenly looking forward to entering the place the Lord is preparing for those who love Him. Heaven is not just a pleasant dream: it is a present reality, the promise of God with no other way of admission than through Jesus.

This book points clearly and repeatedly to the Lord Jesus. That there is a way from earth to heaven at all is due entirely to His great love for sinners. We pray that as you read this book, the bells of heaven will be ringing in your soul.