The Song of Moses (SoM) [Book]

by: Maurice Paine
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Author’s Introduction

Every section of the Christian church has its hymns and spiritual songs which its members sing again and again in their worship services. Those who attend soon become acquainted with them and many commit them to memory. In many cases our theology is conveyed to us and fixed in our memory by the hymns we sing.

Perhaps the greatest in terms of the period it spans and the event it covers, the Song of Moses is the battle cry of the Old Testament as it bore testimony to God’s People throughout the long years of the Old Dispensation while waiting for the deliverance of the promised Messiah.

Who know but that it was this refrain or a version of it that the Lord sang with His disciples before they left the upper room and went out into the night to face the passion and death that brought life to the world!

Often relegated to a bye-gone Old Testament age, in spite of its mention in the Book of Revelation, it is the aim of this book to bring the song and its message alive and relevant to all who seek to escape the bondage of this world and journey to the Promised Land.

Originally appearing in abridged form as a series in BAM Study Page, each study is now presented as a chapter in this book with a final additional chapter added by Andy Paine.

The re-appearance of the Song of Moses in the Book of Revelation set me thinking along the lines of thought developed in this book and presented to the reader that he or she may rejoice with the redeemed of all ages and anticipate that glorious day when all will be complete and we sing around the throne.

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