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Date: 22-10-2017

'Lord, if you choose, you can make me clean' [Luke 5:12(RSV)]

This leper did not come to find whether Jesus could heal him of his leprosy. He believed (had no doubt) that Jesus was able to do so and voiced it by way of statement. His faith was intact and he teaches us by way of example.
What the man did not know was whether Jesus wanted to heal him. But this did not deter him from coming and if he had not come he would never have been healed. In fact, he would have remained a leper.
If you do not believe the Lord can work in your life it is unlikely you will see Him do so - not in the measure He wants to, anyway. It is equally true that unless you act on your faith by coming to Him and asking, you are never likely to receive.
God can make you whole - and He will if you ask Him.


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