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Break & Meditate: Today's Reading
Date: 03-02-2023

'God knows every step I take' [Job 23:10(GNB)]

'God knows every step I take'. Job complained that he searched for God in the east, west and north, yet God was not there. Then Job realises a truth that sustains all who struggle in the darkness of grief or misunderstanding, namely, that God sees our every movement. We may not trace Him, but He follows us with His all-seeing eye. Understanding why we are where we are, or why things have fallen out as they have, matters little in comparison with the promise that God will not leave us. Give your life to Him and He provides perfect safety and security. Even in moments of waywardness and in rashness that you live to regret, God is watching over you. The rope paid out may be long, but He will not let go and will bring you into the sunshine again as He did with Job. .

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