Covid-19 and the Office

With the UK coming under tighter restrictions in an attempt to control this virus our office will continue to experience a different way of working.  While we hope to be able to continue to produce our mailing every two months our office time will be significantly reduced. A real thank you to all who have sent in gifts over this Christmas period but sadly sending acknowledgements is going to be a casualty of the current restrictions.  Here are some bullet points of how Covid-19 will affect our working:

  • Mailed “thank you” / Receipts may be delayed or even not sent.
  • If you supply us with an email address we will try to use that to send you an acknowledgment.
  • The Telephone will not be monitored most days. We will try to get a voicemail system set up so that you can leave a message. However it may take several days before we can reply. Emails will be more closely monitored when we return, that is from the 4th January 21.
  • The next Break & Meditate (February & March) and booklet should be with you towards the end of January

Thank you for your understanding in these challenging times.