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“This fellow is one of them” [Mark 14:69(NIV)]

October 21, 2023

“This fellow is one of them”. Peter missed his opportunity to witness! He could have stood out, true to his word and been the only voice raised in support of Jesus. Indeed, he could have died with His Lord.
We all miss these opportunities and try to excuse ourselves in numerous ways. “Are you a follower of Jesus?” “Do you believe the Bible?” and a host of other questions give us golden opportunities to witness. Do we pretend not to know when challenged about our faith? If so, why is this? Is it not that we actually follow Jesus at a distance – a distance long enough to loosen that bond of love and loyalty and subject us to the fear of man? Walk closely to Jesus and nothing will break the bond of love that exists – you will be glad for all the world to know you are His disciple.


October 21, 2023
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