“he blessed them” [Luke 9:16]

"he blessed them". If the Son of God gave thanks, should not we? Many of us might have thought it unnecessary to give thanks for so small a meal. The food was distributed only after the Lord had blessed it. It is the blessing of the Lord that makes rich and multiplies what we do. ... Read more

“to be rich in good deeds” [I Timothy 6:18(NIV)]

"to be rich in good deeds". Paul has been playing on the word 'rich', speaking of the uncertainty of worldly riches compared with the eternal reward that comes from a rich and generous spirit. Good deeds will be the evidence of a generous heart. This is not a one-off action done out of guilt or ... Read more

“Why do we need any more testimony? ” [Luke 22:71(NIV)]

"Why do we need any more testimony? ". If power is in the hands of those whose minds are made up, no further evidence is needed. The elders of the people, the chief priests and the scribes, decided that Jesus of Nazareth was safe enough in their custody for some sort of case to be ... Read more

“Behold, I am here, Lord” [Acts 9:10]

"Behold, I am here, Lord". It was as though Ananias was just waiting for the Lord to give him instructions. It would come as no surprise that the Lord spoke to him by a vision. We wonder whether he would have been so ready to be told if he had known he was to be ... Read more

“But now bring me a harpist” [II Kings 3:15(NIV)]

"But now bring me a harpist". Several times in the Bible we find an instrumentalist playing to soothe or inspire the troubled mind. In this case Elisha was disturbed to face the evil king of Israel who had come for advice along with the king of Judah. In the early days of his employment in ... Read more

“men ought always to pray, and not to faint” [Luke 18:1]

"men ought always to pray, and not to faint". Prayer, an antidote to fainting, brings relief as follows: First, by the knowledge that there is an Advocate who will attend to one's need. Secondly, that any who are overwhelmed are invited, indeed, welcomed, to take advantage of this offer. Thirdly, as a result of prayer, ... Read more

“What good will it be …? ” [Matthew 16:26(NIV)]

"What good will it be …? ". Jesus speaks to us all. What good will all that you are doing today be when the final tally is taken? There is so much of eternal value we can do in following truth and justice, relieving the oppressed and helping our brother in need. Sadly, much time ... Read more