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‘a wall of fire round about’ [Zechariah 2:5]

July 25, 2023

‘a wall of fire round about’. It may have been that the prophet was thinking of the shepherds lighting fires around the unfenced city of Jerusalem and likening it to God’s protection for His people.
The protection of the Lord spells safety to His People, as the pillar of fire between the Israelites and the pursuing hosts of Egyptians reminds us. The city of Jerusalem was without walls and must have presented a valuable target to those who did not appreciate the protection that God afforded her. The same may be erroneously applied to the Christian. How weak and defenceless he may seem in the world. The quality of meekness seems out of place until he realises that the Lord is a wall of fire about him. It is this wall of fire that makes your position unassailable.


July 25, 2023
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