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“the clay was marred in his hands” [Jeremiah 18:4(NIV)]

September 2, 2023

“the clay was marred in his hands”. Marred or imperfect clay did not matter when it was still in the hands of the potter. The prophet described the Master Potter remaking the vessel, not doing a repair.
God does not patch up those who put themselves in His hand, He makes them anew. Anyone in Christ is a new creation, old things are gone and all things are made new. The reasons why lives get marred are varied. What matters is being in the Lord’s hand.
We are all spotted. None is perfect. The Word of God tells us we were born in sin: sin is inherited from the Fall. The Lord is not hampered by the extent of the damage: His hands re-form human clay into new spiritual lives.
Call on the Divine Potter to work on your life today.


September 2, 2023
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